Cattle farming is the process and practice of raising and nurturing cattle from birth until the point at which they provide meat or milk for consumption. One, we are a nation of beef consumers. And two, although cattle are raised primarily for beef or milk production, there is no part of the cow that is not useful. Other ‘by-products’ include dairy products, cow hide, cow horns, bones, hooves and stearic acid.

Cattle farmers basically raise cattle either to sell as a whole or sell their products.

For cattle rearing in Nigeria, we have A very large piece of Farmland.

Farm Equipment: Cow Sheds, Feeding and Watering Equipment, Healthy calves

Then We Consider the Following:

Cattle Business Model: Most farmers either go for Dairy Operation Business Model or Beef Production Business Model: Dairy Operation Business Model is raising cattle primarily to sell their dairy products – especially milk. Beef Production Business Model is raising cattle primarily for beef consumption.

Whichever model we decide on playing a key role in determining the farm equipment we will go for.

Climate: We knew that rainfall, relative humidity, temperature, are all favourable to our cattle breed

Government Policies: Varying from State to State, some governments have all sorts of rules guiding cattle ranches. That is why we do consider these policies before purchasing the land.

Breed: There are so many known breeds of cows. Our cattle business model are put into consideration before deciding on our choice of cow. It sure doesn’t make sense to settle for beef cows when your intended model is for dairy production. There are two breeds traditionally reared in Nigeria. They are the Zebu and the Taurine.

Vet Doctors: We have a veterinary doctor on ground that will help with vaccinations, birthing, feeding and treatment.