Nigeria is the continent’s leading consumer of rice, one of the largest producers of rice in Africa and simultaneously one of the largest rice importers in the world. As well as an important food security crop, it is an essential cash crop for it is mainly small-scale producers who commonly sell 80 per cent of total production and consume only 20 per cent. Rice generates more income for Nigerian farmers than any other cash crop in the country. In 2008, Nigeria produced approximately 2 million MT of milled rice and imported roughly 3 million metric tons, including the estimated 800,000 metric tons that is suspected to enter the country illegally on an annual basis.

As one of the best rice farmers in Nigeria with all necessary equipment like:

  • Rice Huller/Milling Machine
  • Seed Cleaner and Destoning Machine
  • Rice Grader
  • Rice Polisher/Polishing Machine
  • Bag Closer or Packaging Machine
  • Digital Weighing Scale
  • Rice Color Sorter
  • Bucket Elevator
  • Moisture Content Meters

Pre-Milling Equipment

  • Modern Parboiling Sytems
  • Modern Paddy Dryers

With all our modern equipment, rice production is made easy